Deck Prism With Hanger Included--Special Price

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Deck Prism With Hanger Included--Special Price


Now bundled together at a special discount price! You get a large deck prism with a brass hanger included for $46.95! ($59.90 if sold separately)

This beautifully designed hanger, another accessory to our Charles W. Morgan large glass Deck Prism, will make a unique addition to your garden, porch, or window. Made of steel with a brass powdered finish, the hanger will age beautifully indoors or out, complimenting the play of light on your Charles W. Morgan Deck Prism. This rustic hanger is uncoated, but you can buff and coat it if a shiny, smooth hanger is desired. The hanger includes brass chain and a clip for hanging from any garden or porch accessory, or standard household hook.

Size: 4-1/2"h x 4"w

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