Amazon product listings

The M2E extension manages the connection between the Web Store (Magento) and your Amazon seller account. M2E will manage all of the products that you sell on Amazon, and you can do this maintenance within Magento.

Products listed on Amazon

M2E maintains a list of products from your Magento Web Store that you want to sell on Amazon. This list is called a "Listing". Through the Magento backend menus you can see your Amazon Listing by going to Amazon | Manage Listings | Listings. There may be multiple Listings on this page. The Amazon listing is named "Default (Amazon - United States)" and you can edit it by clicking on that name.

  • Each product you are selling on Amazon is on a line, with information about how it appears in Amazon.
  • Because you are not using Magento to track inventory, each product shows "Out of Stock" in the Stock Availability column. This is normal and can be ignored.
  • Amazon requires that a product have a stock quantity (on Amazon) that is greater than zero, or it won't list the product for sale. In the Listing you can see the quantity on Amazon in the Amazon Qty field. This is important—you may occasionally need to go into your Amazon seller account and bump this up so it stays above zero.
  • If you change the price of a product in Magento, M2E will push that new price to Amazon.
  • If you change a product's Status in Magento to "Disabled", M2E will push that information to Amazon and make the product "Inactive" on Amazon.

Changing a product on Amazon

You can perform many Amazon product maintenance tasks directly from your Magento Listing page. Select the item by checking the box in the left hand column. Use the pull-down menu labelled "Actions" in the top to choose what you want to do, then click the orange "Submit" button. This sends information to Amazon to start the process. Processing your request may take some time, be patient. In particular:

  • You can make a product "Inactive" on Amazon but leave it "Enabled" on Magento—choose "Stop item(s)". To make it "Active" again, choose "Relist item(s)".
  • You can remove a product from Amazon and your Amazon listing—choose "Remove from channel & listing". The product will remain in your Magento catalog.

Listing additional products on Amazon

Listing a product on Amazon is a simple process, but you have to do some steps on Amazon and some in the Magento backend.

  • If it isn't already there, add the product to your Magento catalog. (Write down the SKU for later.)
  • Log on to your Amazon seller account, and use the Inventory menu to add the product on Amazon. Usually the product already exists on Amazon (because someone else is selling it, too) so this will be easy. If the product is brand new to Amazon, you'll have to enter more information.
  • Wait a while. M2E will find the product and import information about it into a special list in Magento called the 3rd Party Listings.
  • In Magento, go Amazon | Manage Listings | 3rd Party Listings. You should see the product you added to Amazon. Click on the "Map" link to the left of the product title. This will pop up a box where you will tell M2E which Magento product corresponds to the Amazon product. If you have the Magento SKU of the product, you can type it in the box and submit it. If not, choose the button for advanced options—you'll get a listing where you can search your Magento catalog to find the right product to match with the Amazon product. Click the link to "Map this product..."
  • You will return to the 3rd Party Listings. Select the product by checking the box in the leftmost column. In the Actions dropdown menu, choose "Move item(s) to listing". This will move the product from the 3rd Party Listing to your regular Amazon Listing. You may have to choose which listing you want—choose "Default (Amazon - United States)".
  • The product will disappear from the 3rd Party Listing page. The next time M2E pushes information to Amazon you'll be all set. This usually happens every 6–10 minutes. You can now view it with your complete Amazon Listing by choosing Amazon | Manage Listings | Listings from the menus.