Bundle Product

In Magento you can gather two or more simple products together into a "Bundle Product", for instance, a book & DVD set, to be sold as a unit at a single price.

Go to Catalog | Manage Products, and use the orange button to + Add Product.

Choose the Attribute set and Product type, and Continue.

Add bundle product

Set the General information. This follows the same rules as a Simple product. The pulldown for SKU can be "Dynamic" or "Fixed"--it doesn't do anything important. You may set the weight to be "Dynamic" (that is, equal to the sum of the bundled products) or "Fixed" (in which case you need to enter a shipping weight for the bundle.)

Bundle product general settings

Fill in the Prices settings. Choose "Fixed" for the price--you will only get this option once, so make sure to set it. Enter the price for the bundle, not the sum of the product prices. Only use the Special Price if you have an additional discount on top of the already-bundled price. The Special Price field is a percent discount off the Price, it is not a dollar price. For instance, if the Price is $50 and the Special Price is 80.00, then the bundle will sell for 80.00% x $50.00 = $40.00. Set the Tax class as usual.

Bundle product prices settings

Set the Images, Websites and Categories settings as usual.

Set the Bundle Items (last choice in the left column.) Magento thinks of a bundle as made up of two or more "Options". An option might be a single simple product--to do this, Add New Option, then set it up like the Deck Prism Base below. An option might include a choice among several simple products--to do this, set it up like the Deck Prism below, adding as many "Selections" as you have products to choose from. Make sure to match every setting shown below, or your product will not work properly.

Bundle product bundle items

Save your product.