Product with Custom Options

Product with custom options

We are using product Custom Options to implement the embossing options on some books and the choice of pre-printed messages in some holiday cards.

A-F See the Page documentation.

L Custom options. Look at an existing embossed book product to see how it is configured. Go to Catalog | Manage Products. Use the search boxes to find your product. Choose View for the product you want to edit. Choose the Custom Options tab on the left side. Each line of embossing is a new option. The Title and maximum number of characters will appear in the right sidebar on the product page, below the price. You can choose to make one or more lines of embossing required. We have set up the initial products with the cost of the embossing set at zero--the cost is built into the product's price. It is also possible to make the embossing optional but at an added cost by putting a value in the custom option's Price field.

When done, use the Save button in the top right.