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1 Category menu. The menu in the page header and the category menu in the footer are automatically generated. They only list what Magento calls "Root categories."

You can hide a root category without removing it: Go to Catalog | Manage Categories. Select the category folder in the folder tree in the left sidebar. In the General tab, at the bottom, choose "No" in the pulldown for Include in Navigation Menu.

The menu in the header displays the next level of subcategories on mouseover--this can be controlled at System | Configuration | Catalog | Catalog | Category Top Navigation.

For more information about categories, including root categories, see Category pages.

2 External links. Items in this list link to other Mystic Seaport websites and shopping opportunities. The text is in CMS | Static Blocks | Footer Links.

3 Web store contact information. The text is in System | Configuration | General | Design | Footer | Copyright. It is raw HTML--be careful.

4 Mystic Seaport logo. The image URL is in System | Configuration | General | Design | Header | Logo Image Src. Because this image ("images/logo.gif") is referenced in several other places in the site configuration, the most effective way to replace the image is to create a new gif image of exactly the same size and filename, and use FTP to replace the current logo.gif. On the server it is in /html/images/.

5 Welcome message. The text is in System | Configuration | General | Design | Header | Welcome Text. If this text is too long, it distorts the layout of the header. If you change the text, be sure to test it in multiple browsers and especially on tablets and phones.

6 Search. The search feature searches the titles and text on product pages, and returns those products that match. Minimal configuration options are in in System | Configuration| Catalog | Catalog | Catalog Search. Because Google indexes the entire site, category and information pages (as well as product pages) may be found in the site search on the main Mystic Seaport website.

M Member discount. The member discount is implemented using a coupon code (initially, "MEMBER"). Usage is explained on the public Member Discount page (CMS | Pages | Member Discount), which is linked from the discount notice that appears on all pages and from the internal links in the page footer. The text of the notice is in CMS | Static Blocks | Footer Promo Text. This text has some special HTML markup that is only visible when viewing the code--use the Show/Hide Editor button, and only edit the text when viewing the raw HTML code to avoid breaking this markup. Be careful to check any changed text in multiple browsers--the space is quite limited and the page layout gets ugly if this text is too long.

P Internal links. Items in this list link to information pages within the web store site. The text is in CMS | Static Blocks | Footer Links. Before changing these links, notice that they use a special notation to indicate the addresses of the pages--use the Show/Hide Editor button to see the code. This is not the standard HTML link code. It allows you to link to pages within the web store by name.

Y Contact page. The contact page is a form that site visitors can use to send email to you. Turning the for on/off and setting the email addresses can be done in System | Configuration | General | Contacts.


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