Product pages

Product page

Most product-related fields can be edited at Catalog | Manage Products. Use the search boxes to find products. Choose View for the product you want to edit. When done, use the Save button in the top right.

A Name. The Name of the product. On the General tab.

B Artist/Author. On the General tab. We use Magento's "Manufacturer" field to hold the name of the artist (for prints and posters) or author (for books). This is an "attribute" and the valid values are in a pull down menu.

To add new artists or authors to the pulldown menu. Catalog | Attributes | Manage Attributes. Click on the "manufacturer" attribute. Open the Manage Label / Options tab. In the Manage Options section, add or change values. Use the Position values to control the sort order of the values (smaller numbers sort higher in the pulldown).

C Description. On the General tab. While this may be copied from the old website, always edit the description using the WYSIWYG editor to clean it up before saving.

D SKU. On the General tab. If this product is in the Retail Pro inventory, this must match the SKU for this product on Retail Pro. Non-inventory products created especially in Magento (for instance, configurable products, or bundles of simple products) must have SKUs created for them.

E Image. Multiple images may be uploaded on the Images tab. Use the radio buttons to select one image to be used as the base (main) image, small image and thumbnail for the product. The other images will appear as thumbnails below the main image (see Thumbnails, below) and be available in an image gallery when the visitor clicks on a thumbnail.

F Thumbnails. See Image, above.

G Price. On the Prices tab. See also Product with Special Pricing, for displaying limited duration special pricing.

H Availability. The web store is configured so that by default all products are displayed as "In stock". To ensure that a product appears on the public web store, you must set two variables. On the General tab: set Status to Enabled, and set Visibility to Catalog, Search. One exception to this is simple products that are part of a bundle or configurable product and which you do not want to appear outside of their bundles or configurables. These products need to have Visibility set to Not Visible Individually.

I Wishlist/Compare/Email to a friend.

Backend data fields

Weight. On the General tab. This field is required--it drives the shipping cost calculations through UPS or USPS. Round to the nearest half pound, including packing materials.

Categories. On the Categories tab. To assign a product to one or more categories, open the Product Categories tree and check the box next to any categories you wish.