Related Products

Product with Related Products

We are using Magento's Related Products feature to highlight products that the customer might consider in addition to the current product. Usually this is an accessory. Related products display on the main product's page below the image and description, with a title: "Related Products." A related product can be added to the customer's cart with a single click, without having to visit its product page.

A-F See the Page documentation.

J Related Products. Go to Catalog | Manage Products. Use the search boxes to find your product. Choose View for the product you want to edit. Choose the Related Products tab on the left side.

When you first enter this tab, the list of products in the middle of the page shows only those products that are already designated as related products for the current product. (If the product has no related products, this area is blank, which can be confusing.)

To add a new related product. Click on the Reset Filter button in the top right, then use the search boxes to find the product(s) you want. Check the box at the left side of that product's row in the table.

To remove an existing related product. Uncheck the box at the left side of that product's row in the table.

When done, use the Save button or Save and Continue Edit button in the top right.