Jeremy Rugge-Price

Jeremy was born in England in 1940, and spent much of his childhood around the dunes and fishing villages of East Anglia. His interest in art was kindled early on in his life by the paintings of some of the more prominent British and French impressionists hanging in his family home.

He came to the United States in 1976 while working in the hotel and restaurant industry. In 1994 he gave up his day job and concentrated on painting full time.

He now resides at Oak Hill in the Hudson Valley, near Olana, the home of the famous American painter, Frederick Church. Yet much of his time is spent on the coastal areas of New England and Maine, where he finds the inspiration for many of his favorite subjects. He visits Europe each year and continues to include work from Britain, France and Italy in his portfolio of paintings. His work reflects his love of the sea, ships and of course the countryside. The paintings incorporate impressive large skies, with much emphasis being placed on the strategic effects of light and shadow.

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