On Land and On Sea

New York photographers Morris Rosenfeld and Sons became famous for their stunning black-and-white images of the (mostly male) world of 20th-century yachting. But among their studio’s photographs are important and fascinating views of women, taken mostly between 1910 and 1960.

This exhibit includes 70 photographs of everyday and exceptional girls and women -- from aviators to telephone operators, swimsuit models to suffragettes. Through the Rosenfeld lens, we witness working-class women sorting cables and assembling early phones, society matrons playing golf, and young girls having fun messing about on boats.  

Some of the images first appeared in newspaper or magazine coverage of social events or patriotic gatherings. Others were commissioned by clients such as AT&T, the American Red Cross, and boat manufacturers to burnish an image, promote good works, or sell products.

Taken together, they present a distinctive view of 20th-century women, their work and leisure activities, as captured by the Rosenfeld lens.

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