Platinum Palladium Prints

Rosenfeld CollectionThe Platinum Palladium print series of Rosenfeld images are named for the metals Platinum and Palladium that are used to print these photographs. Dating from 1875 the process has preserved some of the earliest photographs ever taken. It is the choice of many modern photographers, in preparing their work for Museum quality exhibitions. Platinum and Palladium metals are referred to as "noble metals" because of their extreme resistance to corrosion. They produce luminous image quality. These prints also have complete resistance to fading and will never crack because no gelatin is used.

Through the marvels of digital technology, working from the original negative or vintage print, a re-mastered negative the same size as the final print is produced. The printing technique is essentially the same process as used pre-1900. The Platinum Palladium solution is coated by hand onto 100% cotton paper. The paper used is Arches Platine, designed by Martin Axon specifically for Platinum printing in association with the Arches Paper mill in France, a paper mill dating back to 1492. After drying, the master negative is exposed to the coated sheet using an artificial light source equivalent in wavelength to sunlight. The resulting print is wet processed to complete the process. Each print bears an embossed stamp, to show that it is a Platinum Palladium print made by master printer Martin Axon.

We offer these vintage Rosenfeld images as they were originally created, with the same artistic interpretation and care of Rosenfeld & Sons master printers.

These prints are custom printed, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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