CAPTAIN HOOK, Pulling Boat

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CAPTAIN HOOK, Pulling Boat


CAPTAIN HOOK, 12' pulling boat, Maine builders called boats like this simply 'round-bottom rowboats', these boats are built exactly like the Whitehalls of Boston and New York. In shape they are similar as well, with a good bit of dead rise amidships, but they have more rake in the stem, letting them lift a bit more in waves, and the forefoot is slightly cut away for better maneuverability.  CAPTAIN HOOK was found in Southport, Maine.  A typical Whitehall in construction, she has pre-bent frames fastened to long, stout floor timbers. A hog piece supports the back rabbet over the deadwood, as does a long stem knee up forward. From 87 Boat Designs by Ben Fuller. Plans drawn by Mystic Seaport staff in 1976 and updated 1999.


Additional Information

Type Whitehall
Date 1920
Plans drawn by Pittaway, Robert A., Welte, William D.
LOA 11'
Beam 3'
Plans include 3 sheets: lines, construction, offsets
Source Daniel S. Gregory Ships Plans Library, Mystic Seaport Vessels & Small Craft Collection
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Catalog number WSP.7.102