Peapod From Deer Isle, Maine

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Peapod From Deer Isle, Maine


This 16' peapod has a mast thwart and step for setting a small sail to help the user when the wind served. These pods sail surprisingly well without benefit of keel or rudder. Her planking is a bit heavy at 9/16", with continuous flat frames  (5/8" x 1 l/8"  like the Whitmore pod) on 6" centers. Near the boat's ends, there are some bent floor timbers, and the stern has a knee that helps hold things together. The bottom is relatively  flat, with a hard  turn to the bilge. She is as deep and as high-ended as the smaller 14' lobstering pods. Her keel is a rela­tively deep, narrow piece  of oak with some rocker, which is handy for holding course under sail, but is different from other peapod keels. Her ends are full, with a stern sharper than the bow, which should  aid tracking.  From 87 Boat Designs by Ben Fuller.  Plans drawn by Mystic Seaport staff in 1963.

Additional Information

Type Peapod
Date 1900
Plans drawn by Schock, Edson I.
LOA 16’
Beam 4’ 5”
Plans include 2 sheets: lines, construction, offsets
Source Daniel S. Gregory Ships Plans Library, Mystic Seaport Vessels & Small Craft Collection
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Catalog number WSP.7.41