Decorative Prints

Flying CloudFor decorative purposes, the Daniel S. Gregory Ships Plans Library sells decorative prints of plans in the collection. We scan the original plans and print them according to your size specifications. These attractive prints are ready for framing and make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Most customers prefer to order a print of the sail plan or outboard profile, since those are attractive, traditional views of the boats.

We scan the original plan (scan fee may be required) and print a copy on fine art paper using archival inks. Because each original plan varies in size and proportion, we cannot promise to fit the prints into specific length and width dimensions. However, we can scale down the prints to a smaller size than the original. When you place your order, you must specify the length of the longer side of the print (e.g., 22”) or request that the copy be the same size as the original. 

We do not adjust the image quality or colors, and we do not clean off any flaws, stains, or editing marks that appear on the originals. A color print will look almost exactly like the original plan. We also offer black and white research prints, which have more of a technical feel.

For more information on plan selection and printing options, please contact or call us at 860-572-5367.


Prices will be quoted upon request.


Reproduction, publication, exhibition, or use of plans for commercial construction is strictly prohibited without first executing a license agreement. Permission to reproduce and/or distribute any decorative prints from the Daniel S. Gregory Ships Plans Collection is prohibited without prior written permission from the Rights & Reproductions division at Mystic Seaport, at Please send us details of your project, including the print run or circulation, if applicable.

Please note

Print requests will be filled in the order received. The normal time period in which most orders are filled is 15-20 working days. If you require the plans sooner, we will add rush fees. Prints will be sent rolled via UPS ground unless you specify another method of shipping.