Pigment Inkjet Prints

Rosenfeld CollectionA recent addition to classic printmaking techniques such as Lithography and Etching, the Pigment inkjet Print on 100% cotton paper has been accepted by museums and the majority of fine art galleries, since the introduction of tested, light fast inks. The skill of the master printer is in matching and restoring the image to match the original version, a complex and time consuming operation. The standard size print is about 21" x 26," but this depends on the aspect ratio of the image. Custom prints can be made larger or smaller at an extra charge. The largest dimension print would be approximately 40" x 60." The prints offered in this format are printed by Tandem Editions using a large format Epson printer with Ultrachrome inks on Crane’s 100% cotton rag Museo Paper.

The inks used are not water based and therefore unlikely to be damaged by anything other than extreme moisture. The print should be framed to avoid scuffing of the surface. Normal archival framing should be used and the framer advised of the sensitive surface. Each print bears a stamped emboss mark to show that it is a genuine pigment inkjet print made at Tandem Editions.

As the prints are custom printed, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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