Amazon order processing

The M2E extension manages the connection between the Web Store (Magento) and your Amazon seller account.

Processing Orders

Every few minutes M2E checks to see if you have any new orders on Amazon. If you do, M2E imports those orders into Magento and creates a Magento order for each one.

  • The Magento order number is the Amazon order number with an "A" in front of it. You can filter your Orders list to find only the Amazon orders by typing "A" in the Order # field on Sales | Orders. You can also see a different view of your imported orders by going to Amazon | Sales.
  • M2E also creates a Magento invoice for each imported order, showing that the order is paid (because the funds were collected by Amazon.)
  • The order status will be "Pending".

When you go to process your orders, you will need to go into each order record and create a Magento Shipment using the orange button at the top right. You can then go to that Shipment and print the packing slip just as you would for a Web Store order.

  • The Magento order status will change to "Complete".
  • M2E will change the order's status in Amazon to "Shipped".
  • The Pitney-Bowes SendSuite Live software will pull the Ship-to address into its database. In the warehouse, scanning the bar code on the packing slip will retrieve the Ship-to address just as it does for Web Store orders.
  • When the package is shipped SendSuite Live will push the package's tracking number back to Magento and add it to the Magento Shipment record.
  • M2E will push the package's tracking number back to Amazon and add it to the order's shipment information.