Mark Myers

As a boy growing up in California, Mark was fascinated by the endless ocean and its richly storied history. It was there, on the unpredictable ocean, that Mark Myers gained the intimate knowledge of water and ships that makes his maritime art so uniquely powerful. Such as his aptitude for seamanship that he quickly rose to the position of Acting Mate on the barque Wandia and brigantine Grethe. He voyaged with famed sailor, writer, and broadcaster Alan Villiers, the best old sailing ship skipper of his time.

Mark Myers obtained his formal education in Hong Kong and in the United States, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Pomona College in 1967.

His art displays a rare insight into the sea and its intrepid vessels. It is his ability to balance authentic historical detail and genuine drama and excitement that makes his art so special. Honored in three countries, he was elevated a Member in 1975 and is the Past President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. A member and fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists since 1979 and in 1983 he was elected to the Canadian Society of Marine Artists.

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